Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's on!

It is back, 50 miles of world class singletrack at Eastwood Park. This year we are declaring it the MN State Marathon Championships. Why? Because no one else has claimed that title.

Anyways, some info
When: May 7th, 2011 (The day BEFORE Mommy's Day)

Where: Eastwood Park in Rochester

Why: Because we need to remind the certain park users what the park is really for and to raise money for trail improvements.

Cost: Free, if you are a RASC member, more details here

Categories: Man, Not-Man, and 2 person. Note, there will be no man/man teams, see the "why" section as to the reason for this.

Who: You if you are lucky.

How: Magic.

Registration will start at noon on March 3rd, "National what if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs day". E-mail will be used once again, veterans will get a chance to register 10 minutes early thanks to their undying love for the Sandwich. More details to come.

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Clayton said...

RASC membership renewed, awaiting more details.......